Property Management


Shorelink Real Estate's Property Management service focuses on adding value to our client most valuable asset. A property manager will be assigned to client as their direct contact, ensuring effective and timely communication.

"Any agent can collect rent... not all agents can professionally manage and maximise your investment return!"

Tenancy Application Process
All prospective tenants are required to complete a detailed tenancy application form, with proof of identity, and documentation of their existing rental arrangement. A series of checks will be conducted to determine whether the applicant is suitable for your property. These checks include:

1.Employment check – confirming employment status, length of service and income
2.Rental history check – check for payment history, and the condition of the tenants' current property
3.References check – confirming tenants personal status

Initial Property Inspection Report
A physical inspection of your property is the most important activity in protecting your investment. Accurate description of the conditions of your property will be recorded as well as digital photographs will be taken for reference. This condition report will be used to compare the condition of the property upon the tenant vacating. We will ask the tenant to repair any damages and conduct professional cleaning to bring the property to its original state, or the repair cost will be deducted from the tenant's bond.

Routine Property Inspection Report will be prepared at least twice a year to ensure the tenants are maintaining your property to our satisfaction.

Landlord Insurance
It is highly recommended for Landlords to have landlord insurance in place; the peace of mind is worth more than the few hundred dollars in annual premium. This insurance will, at the very least, covers you from malicious damage, accidental damage and loss of rent caused by the tenant.

Smoke Alarm
From May 2006, owners of residential properties are responsible for ensuring smoke alarms are installed. All smoke alarms must be inspected annually and serviced upon each change of tenancy.

Rental Arrears Process
Almost half of all tenants fall into arrears at least once during their tenancy. Should rent become outstanding for more than 3 days a courtesy phone call is given to the tenant asking them to bring their rent payment up to date. Rent arrears for more than 7 days, a phone call and a letter will be issued to the tenant. Rent arrears for more than 11 days, a phone call and a Letter of Demand will be issued to the tenant. In the event a tenant falls more than 14 days in arrears with their rent, a Termination Notice will be issued. Should the tenant still be in arrears when the Termination Notice expires, we can attend the Consumer Traders and Tenancy Tribunal to effect the termination on your behalf and arrange to have the tenant vacate your premises.

Tenants Rental Payment Process
We are affiliated with Rental Rewards whereby registered tenants are able to pay their rents via direct debit, ensuring no rent payment is missed. For those who wish to maintain control of their payments, a SMS or Email ‘Rent Reminder’ will be sent every time rent is due. They have the convenience of paying rent by simply replying ‘Yes’ to the SMS or email reminder, and the nominated account will automatically be debited. Tenants can also earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points for their rental payments, for further information visit

Rent Adjustments
We will on a regular basis provide recommendations to rental adjustment based on new market conditions.

Monthly Income Statement
Monthly statements are emailed to you on the last business day of every month. Invoices paid during the month will be attached for your convenience.

End of Financial Year Report
A detailed End of Financial Year Report will be sent to you no later than 31st July every year. This report summarises the total income you have received and a breakdown of the expenses incurred during the financial year.

Our Fees


Management Fee 5% plus GST
Letting / Advertising Fee 1 week rent plus GST for 6 months tenancy  contract period, 1.5 weeks rent plus GST for 12 months or more tenancy contract period
Statement Admin Fee $5 plus GST per month
Lease Fees Nil
Lease renewal Fees Nil
Disbursements Nil