About Us



At Shorelink, we don’t just sell houses, we aim to achieve a seamless process for our clients. We would go the extra mile to achieve the best possible prices for our clients so we could create a long-term partnership in their wealth creation through investing in properties.


Our strong belief in this concept has proven extremely successful. 


In our recent sales, we have achieved prices over and above the asking price, by upholding our belief and going the extra mile.


In a number of cases, we looked and recommended for areas for basic internal improvements that can add substantial value to the property, which required minimal capital outlay and time; referred experienced builders, and overseen the entire construction process.


In another instance, on behalf of our clients, we made enquiries with council about potential development use of their land; liaised with architects to design a virtual tour/walk through of the ‘would be’ property subsequent to construction. This process has vastly increased the number of enquiries, particularly from developers, and more importantly, the final sale price.


In a different situation, a sale was about to fall through due to financing issues on part of the buyer. We quickly arranged a mortgage broker who assisted the buyer with obtaining finance to save the deal, creating a win-win situation.


These are just a few examples of how we think outside the square to help our clients achieve the optimum sale price.


These may be seen by many as cumbersome processes beyond the scope of an agent’s duty, but to Shorelink, this is our value add. We strongly believe this is what differentiates us from our counterparts, and this is what we will continue to do, to build a long-term partnership with each and everyone of our client.